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How Reseller Web Hosting Operates

The Free Reseller Program from ResellersPanel gives you a number of private label opportunities.

As a member of ResellersPanel's Reseller Web Hosting Program, you can your own hosting company without making any investments.

To administer a prosperous hosting company, you will have to hide the that you are a . That is why ResellersPanel will supply you with all the tools to pull it off. First of all, the company will provide you with domain names at a reduced price, so you can match the name of your hosting company with your web site's URL. You can also benefit from ResellersPanel's Private DNS Cluster offer. With it, all your customers will use nameservers based on your chosen domain. This lowers the possibility of any potential clients suspecting that you are not an independent web hosting distributor. You can modify the looks of the templates using your own custom headers and footers, and your website more distinctive.

ResellersPanel also offers remote order forms and an Application Programming Interface tool, both of which will allow you to offer web hosting packages, VPS and dedicated web hosting servers from your own custom website. Sign up with ResellersPanel today and benefit from the private label provided by ResellersPanel's Free Reseller Web Hosting Program!